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Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens, leaving young drivers at high risk on the roads. GEICO is making an effort to help save lives and improve driving skills among teens by spreading the word about road and highway safety. On geicoteendriving.com, you can watch teen driving videos, read about safe driving tips and reminders and learn the teen driving laws in your state.

Teen Driving Videos

With hidden cameras and no scripts, “Real Teen Driving” shows the difficult challenges facing new teen drivers. Watch “Real Teen Driving” for a look at teen driving when the parents aren’t in the car.

Car Crash Facts

GEICO would like young drivers to be aware of when and where the most crashes happen, as well as other important information for new drivers. Here’s a quick quiz to test your safe driving knowledge.


Teen Driving YouTube

The GEICO Teen Drivers Channel features well-known YouTubers who have created fun videos with a safety message.